Branding and Identity

Recently I've been fortunate to work on identity projects for food related brands.

Mesquite and Maple Identity

Mesquite and Maple is a hospitality business that's inspired by Texas and Mexican cuisines. The identity reflects the importance of seasonality to the food. It's inspired by camping, the outdoors and a sense of conviviality.

Mesquite and Maple logo

Variation on the Mesquite and Maple logo.

Mesquite and Maple web site

Each color variation of the logo is associated with a season and used mainly during that time period. This element will extend into the physical space and be reflected in the print materials and signage.

New logo for Serious Eats

Serious Eats needed a flexible logo that could work across screen sizes, mediums and contexts and match with a new visual design that had already been set. I started with vintage diner signage as inspiration and focused on communicating both playfulness and expertise.

This will be rolled out in Q2 of 2015.


Brand Guide

A quick overview of the new Serious Eats brand.


Food Lab logo

The Food Lab, an ongoing column on Serious Eats, is launching a video series and book. The identity needed to reflect a sense of geekiness and passion around food. I began with the NASA "meatball" logo for inspiration, but brought some more contemporary touches that make it flexible across media.