I take on projects that require rolling up my sleeves, a sense of adventure and loads of creativity. I like thinking about systems, getting a team excited about a project and making things go.

Serious Eats: Editorial Features

I work closely with the editors and developer on creating and building pages with a distinct look and feel that augment the meaning of the content.

Serious Eats

The site is always a work in progress. I work with editorial and advertising to refine existing features, create new ones, improve the ways that users can find content, and evolve the brand.

Spice Rack App

Design and prototyping for an iOS App to help manage your spice rack

Branding and Identity

Recently I've been fortunate to work on identity projects for food related brands.


I use a number of prototyping methods for working out user flows and interactions.

Serious Eats: Sponsored Content

I often work with the advertising team to incorporate advertiser assets into landing pages for ad campaigns.

Robert Newman

I helped Robert Newman, an award-winning creative director, redesign his web site.

#front end development  #information architecture  #responsive  #visual design  #wordpress

Painting & Drawing

Personal work based on the themes of attention and repetition