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Something New

I've decided to switch a new publishing system for Ambienttraffic. For lots of reasons! You can still get to my old content here, but I'm going to start building something new. Maybe I'll migrate the old stuff, maybe I won't. The goal is to create more starting now and hopefully this system will help me do it.


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Editorial Design is a Team Sport

How designers can foster a collaborative environment Read more

Why I'm a Designer

Whenever I tell people who know me as a designer that I'm working on a restaurant, I get some puzzled looks. "Don't you make web sites or you're in tech or something? ", their expressions seem to say. Yes, and the web is simply a medium. What I'm… Read more

In Need of a Haircut

Last month we launched some updates to Serious Eats - the site hasn't had a major visual overhaul in a few years, and we wanted to address some immediate issues while working on a larger reorganization and redesign project in parallel. We weren't adding… Read more