Serious Eats: Editorial Features

I worked closely with the editors and developer on creating and building pages with a distinct look and feel that augment the meaning of the content. The editors pitch an idea and I'll sketch a rough prototype. From there, I'll start building out components and testing them in the browser to see how the interactions feel. It was an iterative process that has everyone involved from beginning to end. Often the work that's done in these editorial features will make it back into the site itself.

Where to Eat Chinese Food in NYC

I had to work closely with the editors, illustrator and developer to make sure the experience across screens made sense. [link]

Best Chinese Food in NYC

The layout and appearance of the map was dependent on the available screen real estate; showing a map on mobile didn't seem to be all that useful, it was better to rely on links launching in the native Maps app instead. [link]

Best Chinese Food NYC

Incorporation of custom illustrations to the overall design. [link]

Mobile view of Chinese Food Guide

Figuring out how to display a massive list of venues on mobile proved to be easiest to solve while building in the browser. [link]

Gift Guide 2014

An interactive editorial feature that helped drive Amazon affiliate sales. [link]

Gift Guide item interaction

The team decided that we wanted to create a useful, actionable guide that also looked great and is easy to navigate. [link]