A hybrid approach to landscape that plays with time, multiple perspectives, emotion and perception.

The Western tradition of landscape is often sited in single point perspective and captures a moment in time. Humanity is depicted as separate from nature, whether nature is simply a a backdrop, humanity is in the process of mastering nature or is a reflection of the terrible power of nature through the sublime. Landscape is most often presented on a wall and is viewed as a frame or window into a snapshot of reality.

In contrast, the Chinese painting tradition is not even defined as "landscape" and exists in a paper or silk scroll format. The subject matter can be timeless, in the sense that it is idealized and representative of an interior state. Scrolls can also depict journeys through time. There is no singular viewpoint, rather it exists from multiple perspectives. Humanity is a part of and connected to nature. Scrolls are presented on a table for individual or small group viewing in sections.

This scroll project is an exploration of the tensions between these two traditions in order to question the concept of "landscape" and how humanity perceives its relationship with nature. On one hand, the Western tradition is focused on representation “as-is” and what is seen with the eye. The Chinese tradition can focus on the emotional and poetic, and what is felt. But both have value and are needed in this moment.

These scrolls are designed to be taken in hand and viewed by an individual. The format encourages the viewer to slow down, take more time and journey through.

This is an on-going series.


Hand scroll


Hand scroll


View as a hand scroll, one section at a time. 6" x 86" watercolor and gouche on paper